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DOT Tickets App

Your entire journey in a single app

The DOT Tickets app makes it easy for you to get around Copenhagen and Zealand with public transport. Not only does the app make purchasing tickets easy, but it also suggests the most convenient routes for your journey.


You can purchase your tickets through the DOT Tickets app, or by using ticket machines at train and metro stations, and at the airport.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions in the sections below. Need help with something else? Check out our Help & Contact page.

  • You can change your language settings in the app, under Profile & Receipts > Language.

    The app is available in Danish and English.

  • The DOT Tickets app supports iOS 12 or Android 6 or newer operating systems.

    If your smartphone can not be updated to these versions, we recommend purchasing your tickets at a ticket machine, available at train and metro stations such as Copenhagen Central Station, Nørreport or Østerport.

  • You will get a receipt sent to your email if you have registered your email address in the app.

    Email receipts can be turned off and on in the app under Profile / Permissions.

  • You can only create one profile per email address and phone number in the DOT Tickets app.

    This means that you will not be able to use the same email address or phone number for both your profile and your child’s profile.

  • Giving permission allows you to quick-purchase zone tickets in the app. To issue a ticket for 2-8 zones, we need to know what zone you are starting from. We can only help you do this with your permission.

    If you do not wish to give us permission to see your location, you can still purchase tickets by selecting “Buy Ticket” and performing a from-to search for your journey.

  • Your tickets are not automatically restored when you reinstall the DOT Tickets app.

    If you save your email address in your profile settings prior to whatever change made you reinstall the app, you can retrieve them by following this guide:

    1. Enter your phone number in the DOT Tickets app and enter the SMS activation code.
    2. Follow the instructions and enter your email address.
    3. Follow the link in the email you receive on your smartphone.
    4. The link will lead you back to the DOT Tickets app and restore your profile and tickets.

    Please note that for security reasons, your payment cards aren’t automatically restored. You will have to add your payment cards again.

  • Download the DOT Tickets app from App Store or Google Play.

    1. Open the DOT Tickets app
    2. Enter your phone number and press Continue
    3. Enter the SMS code and press Continue
    4. Now you are ready to buy single tickets
    5. If you want to buy a commuter card, continue entering your personal information under Profile in the upper left corner
    6. The first time you buy a ticket, you have the option to save your payment card. You can also choose to pay with MobilePay or to pay with a payment card without saving it
  • The amount of time your ticket is valid for will depend entirely on the ticket type, and the number of zones it covers. When purchasing tickets with the DOT Tickets app, a timer will tell you how long your ticket is valid for.