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  • Single tickets

    Single Tickets

    Choose a single ticket if you only plan on using public transport a few times during your stay.

    More about single tickets
  • City pass

    City Pass

    Get around easily and affordably with a City Pass, offering unlimited public transport for up to five days.

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  • Rejsekort


    Rejsekort is a popular travel card among frequent travelers but is not recommended for shorter stays.

    More about Rejsekort
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Buy your tickets through the DOT Tickets app or at ticket machines in metro and train stations.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions in the sections below. Need help with something else? Check our Help & Contact page.

  • The easiest way to buy tickets for public transport is using the DOT Tickets app.

    You can also buy tickets for public transport at ticket machines available at train and metro stations and Copenhagen Airport.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • You are welcome to bring your bicycle on public transport, but the rules and prices for buses, trains, and metro are different. Find out what applies to your journey here: Bike ticket on bus, train, or metro (

  • All tickets bought from the DOT Tickets app or ticket machines are valid for the metro, buses, harbour buses, and trains in Copenhagen, Zealand, Lolland-Falster, and Møn.

  • Public transport in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand is split into zones. The price of your ticket will depend on how many zones you wish to travel between.

    When you purchase your ticket with the DOT Tickets app, it automatically informs you of the zones required for your journey.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • The public transport system is easily accessible for travellers with children. The vast majority of stations have lifts and escalators for strollers and baby carriages.

    Two children under the age of 12 can travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Children travelling alone pay a child fare until the age of 16, which is half the price of an adult ticket except for bicycle tickets.

  • A ticket is valid from the time of purchase, and staff onboard public transport will perform ticket inspection. Please help us make the inspection as swift as possible by always having your ticket on hand when travelling.

    Your ticket must be ready for presentation before entering the bus, train, or metro. Travelling without a valid ticket will result in a fine.

    Buy and store your ticket in the same place with the DOT Tickets app.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • The amount of time your ticket is valid for will depend entirely on the ticket type, and the number of zones it covers.

    When purchasing tickets with the DOT Tickets app, a countdown timer will tell you how long your ticket is valid. Tickets purchased from a ticket machine will have a time of expiration printed on them.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • Please find the joint national travel regulations for bus, train and metro below.

    Misuse of travel documents

    Be aware that travel documents must not be misused. For example, it is considered misuse if:

    • The date or zones are corrected or other changes are made.
    • The number on the information card of the Commuter Pass and the value entries are not the same.
    • The travel document has been forged, shared or forwarded.
    • The photo on the Commuter Pass is not attached with an unbroken rivet or the laminated pocket open.
    • The customer travels in a different customer category than the customer is entitled to.
    • The customer travels alone on someone else’s personal Rejsekort (travel card) or travel document. The card owner must always be checked in themselves on the journeys where the personal Rejsekort is used.

    Misuse of travel documents may constitute a criminal offence. Abuse will result in the travel document being confiscated, the circumstance will be reported to the police, and the company can claim damages in addition to the general fare evasion ticket.

    In the case of the misuse of mobile tickets, where there is reason to suspect abuse or violation of the rules both the sender and recipient of the travel document can be prosecuted and/or blocked for the future purchase of mobile tickets/cards.

    Travel Regulations