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City Pass

Enjoy unlimited travel by bus, train, and metro with a City Pass

Travel as much as you want with all modes of public transport for up to five days. A city pass is often the best choice if you plan to use public transport multiple times during your stay.

Mother and child on busMother and child on bus

Enjoy unlimited travel on buses, trains, and the metro with a City Pass ranging from 24 hours to 5 days.​

Choose between five types of City Pass

With access to unlimited travel by bus, train, and metro, a City Pass is a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy the many great experiences Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand have to offer. The more you use it, the better a deal it will be for you.


Explore the exciting culture that Copenhagen has to offer. Fill your camera roll at central sights like Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid, or visit Dragør, a charming fishing village southeast of the city.


City Pass Small covers Copenhagen as well as the trip from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre (zones 1-4).


Prices for a City Pass Small starts from 90 DKK for adults and 45 DKK for children.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions in the sections below. Need help with something else? Check out our Help & Contact page.

  • The price of a City Pass depends on the area it covers and how long you wish for it to be active. The lowest price for an adult is 80 DKK, which gets you a City Pass Small for 24 hours. Children’s prices are typically half the price of an adult's.

    Keep track of your City Pass and get information on remaining validity when you purchase a City Pass with the DOT Tickets app.

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  • The area a City Pass covers depends on its type. You can explore the zones available for different types of City Pass above this FAQ.

    You can also see which areas the different types of City Pass cover when purchasing in the DOT Tickets app.

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  • A City Pass provides you access to unlimited travel by all modes of public transportation in the area your City Pass covers for a specified amount of time.

  • Public transport in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand is split into zones. The price of your City Pass will depend on how many zones you wish to explore.

  • Bicycles may be brought along free of charge onboard S-trains, buses, and harbour buses in the Copenhagen City Area.

    Buses can carry two bicycles unless the space is occupied by a stroller or mobility aid for passengers with disabilities. The individual bus driver decides whether or not there is sufficient space on the bus to fit your bicycle.

    A bicycle ticket is required when bringing a bicycle with you on the metro or regional trains traveling outside of the Copenhagen City Area. Please note that bringing bicycles on the metro is not allowed during rush hour (weekdays 7:00-9:00 and 15:30-17:30).

  • City Passes are validated by staff onboard public transport. Please have your City Pass on hand at all times while traveling and help us make validation as swift as possible.

    Traveling without a valid ticket will result in a fine of at least 750 DKK.

    Buy and store your City Pass in the same place with the DOT Tickets app.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • The easiest way to buy a City Pass is using the DOT Tickets app.

    You can also buy a City Pass at ticket machines available at selected stations like Copenhagen Central Station, Nørreport, or Copenhagen Airport.

    Download the DOT Tickets app
  • Your City Pass is valid for the amount of time you have purchased – from 24 hours and up to 5 days. When you purchase a City Pass with the DOT Tickets app, a countdown timer will tell you how long your City Pass is valid for.

    A City Pass purchased from a ticket machine will have an expiration time and date printed on it.